Thursday, June 11, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone!

It was such an honor to be invited to the one of the P1 Online Media Associates (OMA) events and this time was a special screening of "JURASSIC WORLD"!!

Actually, I love everything about nature. I really recommend you to watch this movie because there are a lot of moral stories to be grabbed. 

Jurassic World is about an attractive park where people can see the real-looked like dinosaurs by their own eyes. The story begins when two brothers are gonna have their short vacation at the Jurassic World where their aunty, Claire is one of the important person in the Jurassic World.

Claire always think of how to make the JW become more attractive. So then, finally the team decided to create genetically modified dinosaurs which is basically the same as T-Rex!! You will never know when you keep thinking of money, sometimes you might become insane.    

Source: HERE

And the most terrible thing is that this modified dinosaur is genius and very hard to kill!!  Even she is fighting the real T-Rex!! Yes the T-Rex is a female.. Will this T-Rex die in the end?? Or will come out in the next Jurassic World 2?? You should watch this movie! And please never miss any part of it...

When there's heroin, there's also a hero too. His name, Owen >.< This gentle guy always looks cool especially when he is playing with his own pets which are baby T-rex I think.. >.< He treated his pets like his children. Yes there are four of them... Although people call them the beasts, they are so adorable. =') And I don't know whether you will have the same feeling as mine when his pets were one by one killed by the monster T-Rex when they were trying to protect Owen ;'(

 Owen =)

These two boys are Claire's nephews 

Actually the mother of these two kids was Claire's older sister. She really wants their children to spend their quality time together with their aunt, Claire. But the thing is that Claire always busy with her career and you have to watch what happen to these two boys when Claire left them to be taken care by someone else! 

Always bare in mind that, no matter how busy you are, always appreciate and try to spend a quality time with our beloved one. You will never know when you will see them later. =) 

Next, how's the Hero, Owen has pulling out to save his own pets? What happen to the modified T-Rex in the end? And there were much much more climaxes you have to watch it by yourself orite! Finally, you have to watch this so called monster, the modified T-Rex playing her roles in this movie!! You will never want to miss this out! By the way we had a great time with #p1omanite today! Thanx a lot!

 With Fanachesaat and Ameelda ;)

After all, this was such a great movie I've ever seen! 9 out of 10 stars! This movie ended up so touching meyhh! =') It also proved that the human's creations will not always perfect as The Creator's one =)) That's all from me~ Thanx for reading this entry... Hope to see you again P1team!! 

P1 team! You guys are superb!!


 Let's watch the official trailer of Jurassic World!

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  1. The film is not as good as Jurassic Park but it is a worthy successor.

  2. salamm...kak...saya lepasan matrik ...pointer 3.3...nk x course healthsafety?biasenye brape pointer yg msuk ? blajar dlam BI?

    1. wassalam best ;) kalau lelaki mesti suka kos ni...akk jenis lasak sbb tu minat...and bidang kerja besar...bahagian health, dengan safety hehe... pointer 3 and above lepas xsilap... yup fully english =) tapi ada jugak mix malay skit2..


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