Sembonia Spring Summer Collection 2015!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Assalamualaikum n Hye!

Today, I am so glad to share with you alls the new collection from Sembonia! 

Lets get it started!

Looks fashionable right? This current design use the concept of Liberal Art of Geometry!

I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a superb collection from Sembonia!

Where to get those fantastic designs? Currently, Sembonia was launched and opened at Mitsui Park which is just nearby the KLIA! It was so suprising me when I dropped by at the Mitsui Park...

There were a lot of sales over there including Sembonia! If you had experienced shopping at JPO, Johor Bharu, you will definitely loves this Mitsui Park!

 Up to 50% less?? Wow

 How do we look huh? >.<

Ok let me share with you some tips to differentiate both original and non ori leather by Jack Loh ;) Applicable for all brands!

1. You smell the bag, genuine leathers will have a cow smell on it but depends on type of leather the handbag is made up of

2. Look for the genuine leather tag inside the bag.. Basically the color of tag represents the part which is made of genuine leather. 

So, those are simple tips for you to follow~~ Don't forget to drop by Sembonia Stores around you okayh! 

For more info:

Thanx a lot Sembonia, and thanx readers for reading this entry! ;) till then peeps...

Hi! Don't forget to take a selfie with the mini cooper and win the Sembonia #OOTD contest! Tag @Sembonia_Style and hashtag #OOTD and #sembonia_style

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