[REVIEW] PRINTCIOUS: My Personalized/DIY/Customized Cushion!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Assalamualaikum and Greetings!

I have finally received my lovely cushion, my personalized/DIY/customized gift from Printcious! I'm very happy with the outcome, because if you've seen my previous post, it was really the same as what I imagined! 

They have delivered the same thing as what they mentioned in the website! The material is made of polyester as stated in the product details and the customized cushion comes with a removable cover, which allows washing!

This is my first design =p

My final design would be...

Why you should buy and shopping with Printcious ?

  • You can customize your gift by uploading desired design and there you go! 
  • You still can have something special and customized for your love one by using various personalized designs from Printcious website according to your need even you are running out of time! 
  • I personally think that their designs are really nice and creative.You can try an error and playing with the design editor first and don’t worry because the design will appear on the gift that you choose. So it will look exactly the same what you are going to receive later =) 
  • For me, I chose a pillow and it was extremely fun as I could even choose the fonts and colour of the pillow on their website. The website is quite user friendly and easy to understand. Customize a gift is no longer a hassle task.

I am overall satisfied with Printcious. The price is pretty affordable, the delivery duration was in time which is 2 days delivery within office hours and their internal customizing process was efficient for me. I would give them a 9 out of 10!

Don’t worry,
Printcious do provide 7 days free return on your unsatisfied product. Besides that, delivery fees is free if you purchase above RM75 for West Malaysia!! And wow! Princious have won the best website award which means that this website is internationally trusted! So, what are you waiting for dudes? Let’s try them out and don’t forget to share your opinion too okayh! ;)

Don't forget to click HERE to check out more about my customized cushion!! Till then peeps! Thanx for reading this entry!!! 


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