Friendship Giveaway by Misz Nadea

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Assalamualaikum semua...(n_n)v and hye to those non-muslim...=)

me, listening to 2012 while writing this entry... heeyak!!

What is it all about?? Its about Friendship, Friendship and Friendship....


Are you lucky enough?? have a try! It might be yours..... click this....;D

Since this contest is about Friendship, so i guess i'll write a bit about friendship lahh....huhu.....How? When did I know Nadea? It started from BCR also known as Blogger Chat Rooms. Here we can chat, debate or give any suggestion. Debate?? hahah...

So coming back to when and how did  I  know Nadea. We haven't met each other but we know each other. I've take a scroll to Misz Nadea's blog. From there, I can see that Misz Nadea is very humble and sincere in her writings. She did appreciate all her friends and ready to receive any critics and comments. Keep it up babe!, here I would like to show my appreciation by joining this contest and take this rose as my big appreciation for being my friend.



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