[TIPS] How To Crack/Unlock Your PDF File Security Online!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Don't have any idea how to crack or unlock your PDF file security? Today I'm gonna unlock the puzzle that most of newbie researchers are trying to solve! I'm not sharing you for any unwanted reason but I hope this will somehow help us in doing our thesis. =)

Firstly, let me introduce you what is locked or secured PDF File. PDF file that has been locked or secured with password cannot be edited, copied or even print it out! You might required to enter the password first before you want to edit, copy or print it. 

So what's the problem? As one of the researchers, sometimes it is easy to refer to the hard copy articles compared to soft copy one. The reason is that they might want to write up something, edit or highlight the important parts in the journals.  Yes, we can do it using laptop/pc but for the sake of eyes, hard copy somehow would be helpful in reducing the burdens of our eyes right? ;)

So now lets me introduce you a website that I used to crack or unlock PDF file security online!! Just click the LINK here and you will be directed to the website and follow the simple steps there and you are done!!

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