[Official Launching] Mentholatum Botanics Skin Care Products

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hye..

Have you heard about Mentholathum before? Yes, a well known global health and wellness company that provides non-prescription pharmaceutical, healthcare, and cosmetics products to consumers worldwide!

One of my favourite products from Mentholathum is a lip balm lip color! Not to forget other well-know products from Mentholathum such as the Sunplay! What a big company! I would prefer to do my industrial attachment under Mentholathum but Pharmaniaga was the first idea that cross my mind for me to complete my final year! yeahh! =p 

Okay going back to our main discussion, oh man! Discussion sounds like we are taking it seriously? Okay lets make it more relaxed! So, I have tried the new products launched by Mentholathum recently. So it is called Mentholathum Botanics! I am very lucky that I am one of the first users to try these Mentholathum Botanics Products!  


*Formulated with the purest Natural Herbal Extracts 
*Each herb and flower were carefully selected based on their unique properties to offer exceptional results
*Give your skin a gentle purifying experience
*Natural based products which improve the nature of beautiful and healthy skin
*Affordable Prices
*Suitable for all skin types


1.  FACE WASH, 100 g (MYR 14.90) *offer 15% now at Guardian! 

Deep Cleansing; suitable for oily/combination skin

Hydra Whitening; suitable for all skin types

Hydrating Wash; suitable for dry/ combination skin

Pore Refining; Suitable for oily/ combination skin

2. PUMP WASH, 160 mL (MYR 21.90) *offer 15% now at Guardian! 

 Moisturizing & Brightening; Suitable for all skin types

Deep Clean Wash; Suitable for oily/ combination skin

Basically, I have tried Deep Clean Wash Foam which is suitable for my skin, oily/ combination skin type and I found my skin face turned out very smooth for the first time. The smell is just nice for me. So, I will update later after I have tried all the products that suit my skin type okay! 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT THE GUARDIAN  OKAY GUYS! NOW, Lets have a look what we had yesterday in conjunction with Mentholathum Botanics Products' Launching! Enjoy~~

 We made our own ingredients for our tasty tea!!

 The ingredients provided for us!

Till then peeps! Thanks for rading this entry! 


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