My Birthday Wishlist with ShopBack!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hye!

Talking about birthday wishlist is so exciting!! Everyone has their own birthday wishlist and of course I got mine too!

To be frank, there's a lot of home appliances under my wishlist and I'm wanting them so much! *Mak-mak sangat

I try to achieve it one by one and I did it but most of them are still on going hewhew... :')

Ok let's start with mine.

Firstly, I really hope that I can own one of these vacuums since I am so allergic with dusty area, hence the vacuum might help a lot.. So I don't have to wear a mask anymore.. :')

Second is television! I would be lucky if I can own one of these televisions... Seriously, I don't have any at my house...

Next would be air fryer from Philips!! I love eating frying foods so much and I can't imagine if I could lower my cholesterol level by using this "without oil air fryer"... :')

Fourth one would be iron steamer!! I don't really prefer using normal iron since it took a longer time to finish and sometimes my cloth are still " renyuk" and I feel bad :(... I believe that this Philips steam iron could ease my morning task everyday... ;')

Ok the last one would be this stylish underwater camera!! I love swimming and really hope that I can capture a good underwater photo one day. ;')

Btw, can I get more for my birthday presents on 17 February? Huhu...I would be grateful even I got one of those 5 listed items.

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Yeah that was mine... Hehe, still new... =P So guys, DON'T FORGET TO GIVE IT A TRY OKAYH! I think that's all for now... Till then peeps!  


  1. Wahh, all the best! Iday pon ada join shopback blogger contest. Harap-harap kita terpilih antara yang menang la ye. Hehehehe

    Btw, Lazada pon ada buat blogger contest, boleh check link ni :

    atau page contest :

    all the best!

  2. Wow, the perfect wishlist ha-ha! I hope you had a good time and recieved all of the things on that list!


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